Gift Specials For Children

Backpacks, raincoats, lunch totes, fleece jackets; sometimes all the kid stuff looks alike at school. Get the right stuff by adding a unique Folia Zipper Pull to anything that loops or zips. Equally great for Girls and Boys and specially sized and smoothed for smaller hands. A Folia Zipper Pull will also make zipping up easier and more fun for kids.

Maple Seed Zipper PullMaple Seed Zipper Pullpad
These zipper pulls bring the giggles of childhood to life. Did you climb up high to launch the "helicopters", or stick them atop your nose?

Color Shown: Summer
padGinkgo Zipper PullGinkgo Zipper Pullpad
The world's oldest surviving tree species, Ginkgo Biloba have thrived for more than 200 million years and a single tree can live for a millenium. The fan-shaped leaves are graceful and unique with nearly parallel veining.

Recent studies performed nearly 5,000 years after the first described medicinal use of Ginkgo, show that it is effective at increasing blood supply to the brain and may help many ailments including Alzheimer's disease. It's also been show to improve short-term memory for persons of all ages. Use a Folia Ginkgo Zipper Pull and remember to take your Ginkgo!

Color Shown: Spring

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